Windows 8.1: Stop Asking for My Credentials

Recently I updated my Microsoft account password and ever since have been getting prompted to enter my most recent password.


Of course I supplied the most current password thinking the message would go away, but it continued to appear every couple of days. Very frustrating! My first thought was the pc I was using was no longer trusted by my Microsoft account.

I decided to switch from a Microsoft account to a local account. Once that was done, I would switch back to a Microsoft account and the prompts would cease. Wrong!

Again, every couple of days, I would get prompted. After a lot of hair pulling, I was able to get the problem resolved and posted the quick fix here.

The problem seems to be with the Microsoft account credentials that are stored in Credentials Manager in Control Panel. These credentials, I assume, are not being updated with the most recent password when it’s typed in. The fix, delete the entry and let Windows create it again.

To open Control Panel, Win Key + X. or swipe in from the right and search for Control Panel. Select User Accounts and Family Safety.


Now, under Credential Manager, select Manage Windows Credentials.


Select Windows Credentials and locate the heading below called Generic Credentials.


Locate the credentials named MicrosoftAccount:user=Your account name and delete it. Log off the computer and then back in. The MicrosoftAccount:user= will be created again and no more prompts to enter the most recent password.

  1. #1 by as on June 4, 2015 - 5:48 PM

    Nothing works as you say. First off, it doesn’t recreate that deleted account. Second, it still bugs me with that credential shit. Maybe you’re the OP of this, but chances are you’re just one of the hundreds of hotshots copypasta that advice bit by bit without actually checking if it works. Let me spare you suggesting the other good idea that floats around: change the email password of the login account. It’s as effective as this one.

    • #2 by Bob Mitchell on June 4, 2015 - 6:03 PM

      Sorry it didn’t work for you, it did for me and the reason I wrote the blog post.

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