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Yellow Exclamation Point On My Drive

Here’s a quick post in case anyone else notices a yellow exclamation point on a volume in “My Computer” after installing the fall update (1511 build 10586) for Windows 10. I did this install on a Surface 3 and it failed a couple of time hanging around 40% complete until I found this link on […]

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iCloud Error 2343 When Updating

I’m pretty sure there has never been an update to iCloud for Windows that I haven’t had a problem with and this time is no exception. While attemptingĀ to upgrade to version 5.0, I ran into the 2343 error message. Even if you go into Control Panel and try to repair or remove iCloud, you get […]


Windows 8.1: Stop Asking for My Credentials

Recently I updated my Microsoft account password and ever since have been getting prompted to enter my most recent password. Of course I supplied the most current password thinking the message would go away, but it continued to appear every couple of days. Very frustrating! My first thought was the pc I was using was […]


Help Keep the Internet Safe!

  The Internet has become a resource like none other.  We rely on it for our news, directions, reference, social activates, school, work, banking and the management of our daily lives.  Some will argue we spend too much time online, which I can attest to.  However, the Internet is only getting more entwined into our […]

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